GONZÁLEZ, W. J. (ed), 

New Approaches to Scientific Realism

De Gruyter, Boston/Berlín, 2020.

“Novelty in Scientific Realism: New Approaches to an Ongoing Debate,” Wenceslao J. Gonzalez.  


I: New Framework for the Realism and Anti-realism Debate

“Scientific Realism: What’s All the Fuss?” Peter Achinstein.

“Scientific Realism and Three Problems for Inference to the Best Explanation,” Alexander Bird.  

“Scientific Realism and the Conflict with Common Sense,” Howard Sankey.  

II: Approaches Based on History and Scientific Realism 

“Evolving Realities: Scientific Prediction and Objectivity from the Perspective of Historical Epistemology,” Anastasios Brenner.  

“Do Cognitive Illusions make Scientific Realism Deceptively Attractive?” Thomas Nickles.

III: Logical Approaches in Realist Terms

“Against Paraconsistentism,” Alan Musgrave.

“Stratified Nomic Realism,” Theo Kuipers. 

IV: Logico-Epistemological Structural Realism and Instrumental Realism 

“Structural Realism — the Only Defensible Realist Game in Town?” John Worrall.

“Mathematical Language and the Changing Concept of Physical Reality,” Ladislav Kvasz.    

V) New Developments on Critical Scientific Realism and Pragmatic Realism

“Interdisciplinarity from the Perspective of Critical Scientific Realism,” Ilkka Niiniluoto.

“Pragmatic Realism and Scientific Prediction: The Role of Complexity,” Wenceslao J. Gonzalez.    

VI) Realism on Causality and Representation

“Realism and AIM (Action, Intervention, Manipulation) Theories of Causality,” Donald Gillies.
“Is Physics Biased Against Real Possibilities?” Tomasz Placek.

VII) Realist Accounts on Objectivity and Facts

“Realistic Components in the Conception of Pragmatic Idealism: The Role of Objectivity and the Notion of ‘Fact’,” Amanda Guillan.
“‘Heard enough from the experts’? A Popperian Enquiry,” Anthony O’Hear.
“Realism and Facts in Archaeology – A Philosophical Perspective,” Matti Sintonen.

VIII) Realism and the Social World: From Social Sciences to the Sciences of the Artificial

“A Structural Realist Approach to International Relations Theory,” Adrian Miroiu.
“Objectivity and Truth in Sciences of Communication and the Case of the Internet,” Maria Jose Arrojo.


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