GONZÁLEZ, W. J. (ed),

Freedom and Determinism: Social Sciences and Natural Sciences,  

Número monográfico del Peruvian Journal of Epistemology, v. 2, (2012).


Wenceslao J. Gonzalez.  

Part I: Philosophical Context of Freedom and Determinism

“New Reflections on an Old Problem: Freedom and Determinism in the Scientific Context,” Wenceslao J. Gonzalez.

Part II: Determinism and Indeterminism  

“Determinism, Probability, and Freedom,” Pascual Martínez Freire.

“Indeterminism and Freedom and their Role in Social Sciences,” Arto Siitonen.

Part III: Freedom of Actions and the World

“Freedom of Actions and their Neccesary Outcomes: Fractal Networks in Geographical Space,” Juan Ramón Álvarez Bautisa.

“Free Will in a Causally Determined World,” Miguel Espinoza.

Part IV: Methodological Individualism and Human Action

“Methodological Individualism and Epistemological Indeterminism: A Comparison between Popper and Hayek,” José Fco. Martínez Solano.

"Causality and Indeterminism in Human Action,” Rafael García Elskamp.

Part V: Indeterminism in Physics and Chemistry

“Reflections for a Taxonomy of Indeterminism in the Sciences of Physics,” Javier Ordóñez.

“Reduction and Topology Scaling Uncertainty between Chemistry and Physics,” Raúl Cabello.

Part VI: Ontological Remarks

“Realism, Structural Realism and Instrumentalism,” Peter Clark.

“Mechanisms, Tendencies and Capacities in Social Explanation,” Amparo Gómez. 

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