GONZÁLEZ, W. J. (ed), 

Methodological Prospects to Scientific Research: From Pragmatism to Pluralism

Springer, Cham, 2020.

“Pragmatism and Pluralism as Methodological Alternatives to Monism, Reductionism and Universalism,” Wencelao J. Gonzalez.  

Part I: A New Framework for Methodological Prospects to Scientific Research

“Levels of Reality, Complexity, and Approaches to Scientific Method,” Wenceslao J. Gonzalez.

“Multiscale Modeling: Explanation and Emergency,” Robert W. Batterman.  

Part II: Pragmatist Approaches to Methodology of Science

“Methodological Pragmatism,” Nicholas Rescher.  

“Methodological Incidence of the Realms of Reality: Prediction and Complexity,” Amanda Guillán.

Part III: Contextual Factors for Methodology of Science

“Information and Pluralism: Consequences for Scientific Representation and Methods,” Giovanni Camardi.

“The Methodology of Theories in Context: The Case of Economic Clustering,” Catherine Greene and Max Steuer. 

Part IV: Methodological Pluralism in Natural Sciences and Sciences of the Artificial  

“Plurality of Explanatory Strategies in Biology: Mechanisms and Networks,” Alvaro Moreno and Javier Suárez.

“Scientific Prediction and Prescription in Plant Genetic improvement as an Applied Science of Design: The Natural and the Artificial,” Pedro Martínez Gómez.   

Part V: Methodological Pluralism in Social Sciences and Ethical Values  

“Challenges to Validity from the Standpoint of Methodological Pluralism: The Case of Survey Research in Economics,” María Caamaño.

“The “Economic Method” and its Ethical Component: Pluralism, Objectivity and Values in Amartya Sen’s Capability Approach,” Alessandra Cenci.   

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