GONZÁLEZ, W. J. (ed), 

Conceptual Revolutions: From Cognitive Science to Medicine, 

Netbiblo, A Coruña, 2011.


Wenceslao J. Gonzalez. 

1. Conceptual Revolutions and Complexity

“Conceptual Changes and Scientific Diversity,” Wenceslao J. Gonzalez.  

2. Cognitive Science and Conceptual Change  

“Conceptual Change in Cognitive Science: The Brain Revolution,” Paul Thagard.

“Is Embodied Cognition a Good Conceptual Revolution?,” Pascual Martínez Freire.   

3. From Cognitive Science to Medicine  

“Conceptual Changes in Biological Explanations of Behaviour,” José María Marínez Selva.  “Research on Neurodegenerative Diseases: Epistemological and Methodological Problems,” Francisco Javier Romero and Cristina Rodríguez Luque.  

4. Medicine and Conceptual Change

“Conceptual Change in Medicine and the Life Sciences,” Matti Sitonen.

“Conceptual Change in Medicine: Explaining Mental Illness,” Paul Thagard.  

5. From Medicine to New Sciences

“Causality in Medicine,” Brendan Clarke.

“Conceptual Revolutions in Information Science: The Case of the Web,” María G. Bonome.  

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Subject Index. 

ISBN: 978-84-9745-933-4.

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