GONZÁLEZ, W. J. (ed), 

Bas van Fraassen’s Approach to Representation and Models in Science

Springer, Dordrecth, 2014


Wenceslao J. Gonzalez 

1. Philosophical Coordinates

“On Representation and Models in Bas van Fraassen’s Approach,” Wenceslao J. Gonzalez.

“Scientific Activity as an Interpretative Practice, Empiricism, Constructivism, and Pragmatism,” Inmaculada Perdomo.   

2. Models and Representations  

“The Criterion of Empirical Grounding in the Sciences,” Bas van Fraassen.

“On Representing Evidence,” Maria Carla Galavotti.    

3. Models and Reality  

“The View from Within and the View from Above: Looking at van Fraassen’s Perrin,” Stathis Psillos.

“Models and Phenomena: Bas van Fraassen’s Empiricist Estructuralism,” Valeriano Iranzo.

“Scientific Models and Abduction: The Role of Non Classical Logics,” Ángel Nepomuceno.  

4. Scientific Explanation and Epistemic Values Judgments

“Explanation as a Pragmatic Virtue: Bas van Fraassen’s Model,” Margarita Santana.

“Values, Choices, and Epistemic Stances,” Bas van Fraassen.

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